Below you can find a variety of resources to help you join the more than 1.6 million VFW and VFW Auxilary members. For a quick overview of the VFW as a whole, we encourage prospective members to take a gander at the fact sheet.


There are three qualifiers for membership in the VFW, as set out in our By-Laws. An individual must meet all three in order to become a member. They are as follows:
1: Citizenship – must be a U.S. citizen or U.S. National.
2: Honorable Service – must have served in the Armed Forces of the United States and either received a discharge of Honorable or General (Under Honorable Conditions) or be currently serving.
3: Service in a war, campaign, or expedition on foreign soil or in hostile waters*. This can be proven by any of the following:
- An authorized campaign medal (See a full list of qualifying medals and badges)
- Receipt of Hostile Fire Pay or Imminent Danger Pay (verified by a military pay statement)
- Service in Korea for 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days

More detailed information on VFW eligibility can be accessed here.

Member Benefits

The VFW appreciates your service, and so do many patriotic businesses across the country. We encourage you to visit the national site to view all the support and assistance that is offered. Further, we encourage prospective members to browse the membership brochure to get a glimpse into a VFW membership.

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